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Hotop team participated in the Hong Kong Gift Exhibition

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IN April 29, 2023,The Hong Kong Gift Exhibition has always been an ideal platform for businesses to promote gift products. Its scale continues to expand, its reputation continues to grow, and it has become a renowned professional gift exhibition in the Asian region. This exhibition has become a large-scale industry exhibition in Asia.
Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co., Ltd also actively participated in this lively exhibition activity,In this exhibition,We showcased the hard power and Culture of the factory.And We was founded in 2020 and is an innovative company.

The original company has been working in the industry for decades. The company always adheres to the concept of customer first and service first,and practices the environmentally friendly packaging industry with the spirit of innovation, wisdom, technology, and quality craftsmanship.
The company has a registered capital of 16.88 million yuan and a total investment of over 9 million yuan in fixed assets, with independent import and export rights.

 For decades, the company has been focusing on the environmental packaging industry, committed to creating an ecological industrial system for environmental bags, through the introduction of new materials and the development of new processes.
 In 2014, we jointly developed the world's first non-woven  ultrasonic three-dimensional bag with a well-known bag making equipment company, developed the first woven three-dimensional bag in 2015, developed the first imitation machine embroidered non-woven three-dimensional bag in 2016, and developed the first RPET three-dimensional bag and vest bag in 2021.
Our products and technology were all well displayed at the exhibition,The booth was crowded with spectators.
Nowadays, we showcase more excellent products to buyers from around the world and have gained widespread recognition,Going further and further on the path of innovation and environmental protection.

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