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Canvas bag -- Light, simple and large capacity, different prints can be different styles

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Canvas bagsare lightweight, simple and large capacity,You can pick them up and go. You can put anything in them. Canvas is a thick fabric of cotton or hemp, so named because it was first used in sails. Canvas bags are made of cotton or cotton polyester with special techniques. Because it is cloth, so from the degree of strength can be slightly superior, that is, the use of cloth for a few years will not be more damaged.

Canvas bag

The second is environmental protection, cotton is generally degradable, there will be no pollution, bags can be repeatedly washed and used, there will be a few deformation after washing, because pure cotton will have shrinkage phenomenon. Canvas can be dyed in a variety of colors and styles can be customized.
Canvas bagfabric is more, more grain, most of the fine flat printing imaging effect is very good. There are two types of prints on canvas bags: simple monochromatic prints (no transitional colors) and prints with excessive colors. If it is a simple monochrome pattern, no transition color, you can choose screen printing, the general printing effect can be achieved, is the most commonly used printing.
The second, called thermal transfer, can print patterns with transitional colors and print photo effects. The common models of canvas are 2*2 canvas, 3*3 canvas, the color has grey cloth color, is white; Half bleached, white. There are three main common styles of canvas bags: no bottom, no side, and bottom with side.

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