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Environmentally degradable Sewing PLA Bag

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Fully degradable plastic bags (Sewing PLA bag),are made of bio based materials, and raw materials are made of starch or corn flour, which are renewable resources that can be completely decomposed. In addition, some modified starch materials with good ductility, elongation at break, heat resistance, and impact properties make fully degradable plastic bags have excellent packaging functions and are widely used in industries such as clothing, clothing, jewelry, food, hardware, electronics, and cosmetics..
PLA is a polymer composed of small lactic acid units (polylactic acid). Lactic acid is an organic acid that plays an important role in our daily life. The yogurt we usually drink or anything with glucose can be converted into lactic acid, while the lactic acid of PLA consumables comes from corn and is made from starch extracted from corn.

Currently, PLA is one of the most common biodegradable plastic bag materials, with a unique feature: "PLA is one of the biodegradable non-toxic materials, and its raw materials come from nature."
Fully degradable plastic bags can decompose into carbon dioxide, water, and other small molecules that exist in nature. It takes about 180 days to complete the decomposition.
The development of fully degradable plastic bags is the general trend, and traditional plastic products will eventually be replaced by degradable products.
Among Sewing PLA Bag, the design of Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co., Ltd packaging can be described as diverse, with a variety of patterns such as bone stickers, zippers, and stickers, as well as kraft paper/PLA self supporting bags.
The purpose is to make our products more convenient to use and more personalized.
You only need to provide an idea, and we will provide you with exquisite packaging solutions to make your order more beautiful and beautiful.

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