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Environmentally friendly fabric corduroy

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Corduroy is generally made of cotton, and also blended or interwoven with acrylic, spandex, polyester and other fibers.
The fabric with longitudinal velvet strips formed on the surface is cut weft and raised, which is composed of velvet weave and ground weave. After processing, such as cutting and brushing, the surface of the fabric appears as a corduroy with obvious bulges, hence the name.

Corduroy is also called corduroy, corduroy and wadding.
Features of corduroy fabric:
1. Good warmth retention
2. Good stereoscopic effect: corduroy fabric has good stereoscopic effect, and it has rich hand feel. It is also very comfortable to wear, different from being dyed. It is a natural and environment-friendly fabric.
Advantages of corduroy fabric:
This kind of fabric is round and plump, with comfortable appearance, clear velvet strips, soft and even luster, elastic and soft feel, wear-resistant fluff, thick texture, soft feel, good warmth retention and permeability, strong moisture absorption, and very comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages of corduroy fabric:
It is easy to tear, especially the tear strength along the velvet strip is low. At the same time, during the wearing process of the fabric, the fuzz part of the fabric contacts with the outside world, especially the elbow, collar, cuffs, knees and other parts of the clothing are subject to external friction for a long time, which will cause the fuzz to fall off. Corduroy fabric has poor elasticity, weak light sense and is more likely to get dust, so you should pay attention to the occasion when wearing corduroy fabric.
Corduroy fabric is mainly used in clothing. According to different classifications, it is used in the production of different clothing. Common clothing fabrics include elastic corduroy, viscose corduroy, polyester corduroy and colored cotton corduroy.

Elastic corduroy: adding elastic fiber into the corduroy is conducive to the tight structure of the base cloth, preventing corduroy from shedding, and improving the shape retention of the clothing.
Viscose corduroy: the velvet warp is made of viscose. The fabric is highly pendulous, shiny, bright, and smooth.

Polyester corduroy: made of polyester, the fabric is bright in color, washable and wearable, and the garment has good shape retention, which is suitable for making casual outerwear.
Colored cotton corduroy: It is made of natural colored cotton and can be used as a close fitting shirt for men and women, especially for children in spring and autumn.
When cleaning corduroy fabric, it should be noted that this kind of fabric should not be scrubbed vigorously or washed with a hard brush. It is recommended that you use a soft brush to gently brush along the direction of the down, rather than ironing, or pressing heavily when collecting, to keep the down plump and upright.
Printed corduroy is generally printed first and then brushed. Therefore, the effect of brushed corduroy must be taken into account in pattern design. The pattern should not be thin, or the effect produced will not be too beautiful.

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