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Fashionable and beautiful RPET nonwoven tote bag

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RPET nonwoven  tote bag israw materials come from RPET knitted non-woven fabric: commonly known as cola bottle non-woven fabric, also known as RecycledPET Fabric. Usually, it is a plastic bottle or cola bottle made of mineral water. The bottle is cut into small pieces, crushed, and melted in sheets to separate the core PET components, regenerated and granulated, processed into polyester staple fibers, and then processed through needle punching or non-woven processes. It is a new type of green and environmentally friendly fabric, with its low-carbon origin, creating a new concept in the field of recycling.

This fabric has unique characteristics such as environmental protection, pollution-free, yellowing resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong breathability, strong water absorption, clear and beautiful texture and lines. It is easy to process functional products without changing their physical properties. For example: waterproof, anti mold and antibacterial, anti-static, etc. Especially used in the packaging industry, such as PRET non-woven tote bags, etc
The non-woven bag made of RPET fabric is a green and environmentally friendly product with the characteristics of reusability, washing, durability, aesthetic appearance, and low price. It is widely used in company advertisements, supermarkets, shopping malls, government agencies, and public welfare promotional gifts. This has provided intangible and widespread promotional benefits forRPET nonwoven tote bags, making their use and replacement increasingly popular!
Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co., Ltd  focuses on innovation and environmental protection, with its own RPET non-woven bag machinery production line, ensuring the beautiful and fashionable bag shape in an efficient manner.

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