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Film covering technology of non-woven bag

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The film bag is an environment-friendly non-woven bag with good visual experience. This bag can print almost any photo and picture on the outside of the bag, with real effect, high color saturation and good color effect. Many fashion elements can be fully reflected in.
Film coated non-woven bag color printing is now widely used. The film covering process is generally divided into two types: one is light film, the other is dumb film covering. The actual effects of the two kinds of films are different, one is shiny, the other is not shiny.

The bright film is characterized by high luster and bright color. We can see the reflective effect on its surface
Matte film, no reflective effect can be seen, it looks like frosting, and it feels uneven.
The two effects have their own advantages. The bright film or the dumb film also needs to be designed according to the specific pictures. Only when you see the pictures you need can you show a good effect.
In real life, people often confuse the film covering and coating process. In fact, there is a big difference between them. First, the coating of non-woven fabric is to use a professional machine to heat the plastic into liquid, then pour the plastic liquid on one side or both sides of the non-woven fabric through the machine, and then use a drying system on one side of the machine to dry and cool the poured plastic liquid, so that the coated non-woven fabric can be produced.

The non-woven fabric is coated with a non-woven fabric coating machine. The advanced large machine directly combines the purchased roll of plastic film with the non-woven fabric materials to form a coated non-woven fabric.
Difference: It can be seen that the difference between the coated and coated non-woven fabrics is that the production process and raw materials are different, and the appearance and basic principle of the finished products are the same.

The coated non-woven products include: coated non-woven laminating materials (gold, silver, color, laser pattern). Color printing film covering materials, transparent OPP film, PET film, and aluminized film. With various styles and exquisite workmanship, we are deeply trusted by our customers! The products sell well all over the country and the world. Because of the bright color and high-grade texture of laser non-woven fabrics, they are loved by people.

Therefore, it is widely used in all aspects of life: environmental protection bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, alcohol, shopping bags, home textiles, as well as good environmental protection materials on the outer packaging of high-end gifts. The products are colorful, bright and fashionable.
This process can create a variety of high-quality packaging when applied to non-woven bags.

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