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How do we produce exquisite Ultrasonic Hot Pressing RPET Non woven bag?

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In the increasingly urgent trend of ecological protection, the "plastic reduction trend" has swept the world, and countries have reached a consensus on the regulation of plastic products. Consumers are more likely to buy products that promise sustainable development. Traditional beverage brands are hard to deal with plastic problems, prompting various beverage brands to improve packaging.

Mainstream soft drinks, bottled water, fruit juice, ready to drink coffee and tea are all testing the choice of plastic bottles.

Our  Ultrasonic Hot Pressing RPET Non woven bag,has also developed a series of new products as a result,To address the issue of rapid production in  Ultrasonic Hot Pressing RPET Non woven bag.
For this reason, we use sophisticated machines as production tools. The radiotherapy part of our RPET ultrasonic hot pressing bag machine uses dual air cylinders for automatic loading and unloading, combined with automatic unwinding correction and automatic tension control system. The bag mouth is sealed by ultrasonic heating

When making RPET non-woven fabric bags, our feeding motor will be controlled by an electric eye to achieve speed synchronization with the host machine, making the fabric travel smoother.

This set of ultrasonic hot pressing machinery will make the RPET Non woven bag  we produce more three-dimensional and aesthetically pleasing.

As we all know,With the widespread acceptance of food contact materials, the demand for food grade RPET will significantly increase. Some analysts predict that by 2030, the demand for food grade RPET will increase by 10-15 times compared to the current level.

Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co., Ltd has always been at the forefront of environmental protection, with professional customized RPET non-woven bags providing a force for a "green earth".

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