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How to distinguish between transparent pvc bag and PE bag?

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As we all know,Transparent PVC bagis the darling of the fashion industry,Especially for girls, pairing with various clothing and beautiful clothes will highlight their extraordinary temperament.
But in daily life, consumers often cannot distinguish between PVC and PE handbags,So how can these two types of bags be distinguished?
The main difference between the two is the difference in material, which creates a difference in hand feel
Transparent PVC bagscan be soft or hard, and they can be customized with materials according to customer needs, and the transparency can also be customized according to needs. This type of plastic bag not only has good tensile strength, but is not easy to tear and burst, and is also very difficult to burst, because the two layers of materials are assembled together by machine. Items made of PVC have a higher price, such as raincoats, quilt covers, and packaging.
And PE tote bag It is the most widely used plastic bag on the market. From the appearance, it can be divided into two types: transparent and opaque; Density quotient can be divided into two types: high density, with low density PE plastic bags being soft and resilient, while high density plastic bags are relatively durable.

Transparent PVC bag

From the perspective of materials, PVC materials can be divided into frosted, ordinary transparent, ultra transparent, environmentally friendly and low toxicity, environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials (6P does not contain phthalates or other standards), as well as soft and hard adhesives. It has the characteristics of safety and hygiene, durability, aesthetics and practicality, exquisite appearance, and diverse styles, making it very convenient to use. Many high-end product manufacturers generally choose PVC bags for packaging, beautifying products, and improving product quality.
Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co., Ltd,combines fashion and practicality, providing professional Tranparent PVC bag design solutions to make your packaging more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, thereby enhancing the sense of sophistication.

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