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New darling of Nonwoven Flat pocket environmental protection industry.

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Non woven flat pockets are made of recyclable materials that can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution. This sustainability has madeNon woven flat pockets the preferred choice for many environmentalists.

Due to the lightweight and foldable characteristics of non-woven flat pockets, they can be easily carried and stored. When shopping, consumers can easily place it in their shopping cart or backpack and open it when in use.

The material of non-woven flat pockets is sturdy, which can protect goods from damage or loss. Meanwhile, as it is not transparent, it can protect consumers' privacy.

The material of Non woven flat pockets is thicker and more durable than ordinary plastic bags. It can withstand a large weight and is not easily damaged or torn.

The bags can also be printed with exquisite patterns and text, becoming an important tool for promoting brands and products. Merchants can promote their products and services by customizing bags to attract more customers' attention.

Although the price of Non woven flat pockets is slightly higher than ordinary plastic bags, they can be reused, and in the long run, their cost is lower and they are more environmentally friendly.

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