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Durable Waterproof Polyester Bags for Heavy Duty Use

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When you need a durable yet waterproof bag to carry heavy loads or use in harsh environments, our waterproof polyester bags   will be your best choice.
Compared with ordinary plastic bags, ourwaterproof polyester bagsuse high-density polyester fabric, giving them better mechanical strength and tear resistance. Thisfabriccan withstand greater tension and wear and is less likely to break even when dragged on rough surfaces.

Waterproof Polyester Bag

Plus, our waterproof polyester bags  are coated with a high-quality water-based polyurethane coating that repels rain and keeps the inside of the bag absolutely dry. Even if you are going to use it by river or at the seaside, you can safely put your valuables in it.
This bag is well made, has strong stitching and is capable of carrying over 30kg. Reinforced handles and accessories also make them ideal for outdoor travel and commercial transport.
If you need a hard-wearing, waterproof bag to carry tools, equipment or for outdoor activities, look no further than our waterproof polyester bags. They are sure to provide you with good service for a long time at a very low cost.

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