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According to the data of Promotional Products Association International, 90% of people said they remembered the brand from promotional item they received. 80% of people said that their impression of a certain brand has changed positively after receiving a promotional product. And 83% said they might do business with that brand.

Statistics really speak the benefits of promotional products.

Compared with other types of advertising, promotional products are the easiest to be accepted and avoided.

When it comes to promotional products, customized tote bags are the best choice for businesses.
In this blog, we will look at five reasons why choose custom tote bags as promotional products.

1.They are highly obviously

The customized tote bag, with your brand’s logo or message on the side. It will be highly obviously.
For example, pen is usually left on the table or in a pencil case, but the tote bag is made for public use!

Whether a person takes things to work or buys some necessities in the supermarket, or makes a fashion statement, customized tote bags are always practical and keep up with the trend.

2.They are cheap

Compared with other types of advertising, the price of bags are very low.
Custom tote bagsare budget-friendly, which means they won’t break the bank and your business can produce a lot of distribution.
There is also a wide range of custom tote bags available here at Zhejiang Hotop, which means you can choose the perfect bag for your business

3.They are practical

As we have noticed, tote bags are very practical and can be used for many purposes.
This is why they make such excellent promotional products because they are seen in public.
People can use tote bags for any number of purposes, which helps maximize the visibility of your business wherever they go.

4.They are universal

Let’s take a look at the promotional pen first.
It is tricky to write your logo or brand information on the side of the pen, considering how small it is, it won’t have much visibility.
This is the difference between tote bags.
Because of their larger size, you can print more eye-catching information on them.

In addition to your logo and brand information, you can add contact information and even interesting and creative phrases.
This helps strengthen your brand and make it more attractive to your potential customers.

5.They are eco-friendly

Tote bags are a good alternative toplastic bags, which are harmful to the environment and are not as durable as plastic bags anywhere.
With the tote bag, you can use it as a work bag or shopping bag every day.
A large tote bag can be used for many years-while still conveying your company’s brand message.

For a great promotional product, choose a custom tote bag
According to the Promotion Products Association International (the Promotion Products Association International), in the 2019 consumer study, almost 100% of respondents said they are willing to make efforts to promote products.

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