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What if you could carry your trademark at any time to attract the attention and attention of anyone you meet?

Customized tote bag with logo design, you can!
In fact, you may already be carrying a certain type of handbag. Why not decorate it with your company name and related logos, so as to produce more brand effects?
Whether you are buying some for your internal team, or buying in bulk, to distribute at your next social or trade show event, we are ready for you.
Today, we shared all the things you should look for when researching the best custom handbag suppliers. You can use this guide to help you make an informed buying decision, which will bring a significant return on your investment.
Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Why is a large tote bag with a logo design important?
First, let’s solve an important question: Why should you buy a custom printed tote bag in the first place? It is no secret that the Internet is full of marketing and advertising gimmicks. From buttons and ink pens to match boxes and mouse pads, there are countless trinkets and knick-knacks that can be bought and distributed to potential customers or boost internal morale.

However, think about the lifetime value of these items.
Although they may look attractive at first, the gloss will disappear after a while. After a few days (in the best case), they will be thrown into the trash along with your wasted marketing funds.
On the contrary, why not spend this money on something more practical, so that they will still be as useful as the first day in the next few years?
Custom printed bags meet this standard, and there are some more.
Like a blank canvas, they are waiting for you to use your imagination and creativity. From bold information to complex graphic designs, the sky is unlimited when you design your own products.
Next, let’s take a look at why these can be used as promotional items, morale-boosting company flyers or gifts for your next celebration or event.

Environmental protection
It is undeniable that modern consumers are moving towards environmental protection. What is the easiest way?
They replaced the traditional brown paper and plastic bags with reusable bags at the supermarket checkout. This saves money, time and environment. When you distribute custom canvas tote bags, you will make it easier for them to convert.

The grocery store is not the only place where recipients use the new bag. They can also be used to transport library books, electronic products, school supplies, etc.
And, although we do provide colorful canvas bags, you can’t go wrong with the neutral tones of natural canvas! They can be matched with any outfit and with any style. In other words, they are an ideal complement to your lifestyle. Your recipients will love that they add convenience and style to their daily image.


As we all know, most promotional equipment will fall apart after several uses or uses. This is especially true for wearable devices. Search for “customized cheap tote bags” on the Google website and you will see many of our competitors who don’t mind making less ordinary products to save a few dollars. When you buy our bag, you will immediately notice the difference.
That’s because our bags are very durable. They can withstand multiple washings, weather, and prying eyes from curious children. Our straps are very strong, the bottom is reinforced, and the material is very durable.

Long-term advertising opportunities

What are the benefits of providing such a practical marketing gift?
Every time someone holds your handbag, they have the opportunity to share the company with the company logo on it. Whether your picture is a huge graphic covering the entire surface or a simple, concise message, these are all eye-catching for people to talk about.
This means that after a few years, when the trade show is over, the social event is over, and the promotion is over, your company will still gain exposure and brand recognition. Talk about your return on investment!
However, although we support the quality and longevity of our products, we know that not all tote bags with patterns are the same. Before you work with a supplier, it is important to do due diligence first.
Now, let’s take a look at a few features to set up an excellent canvas tote bag supplier from other bags.

What makes a great supplier of custom handbags unique?
What should you look for in a custom tote bag supplier? Are some people taller than others? If so, why? Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of each store to consider before you make the final purchase decision.

Different size options

Unless the supplier offers a variety of different sizes of travel bags for you to choose from, you may end up squeezing a big logo on a small travel bag. Or, your design may get lost in a sea of blank canvases.
In order to ensure that none of these situations become your reality, look for a professional team that provides bags of various sizes. For example, our canvas bag inventory includes a large selection of different sizes according to your design needs! This way, you can spend time shopping and make sure you choose the correct one that will make your logo shine.

Different fabric weight options

It can be said that as important as size flexibility is the ability to choose the fabric weight of a custom bag.
If you just use a bag as a backup in a grocery store, you may not need too strong fabric. On the other hand, if you plan to use your bag to hold laptops, textbooks, work supplies, or other similar heavy items, you need a bag that can withstand these weights.
Does your potential supplier allow you to reduce the weight of your custom tote bag? If not, ask about your options. You should give priority to products whose weight is clearly stated on physical shelves or e-commerce sites. Take our method as an example.
Before you click on a tote bag to learn its details, you can have a high-level overview of its main functions, including the weight of the fabric used to make it.

Transparent project details

Speaking of item details, do you feel that you are wandering around on e-commerce sites, trying to dig out real valuable or useful information from it?
The canvas bag supplier you choose should make all this information clear from the beginning.
For example, when you visit our canvas tote bag page, you can quickly get a bird’s-eye view of all its main functions, including:
Bag size
Fabric weight
Number of different sizes available
Rope handle (yes or no)
Other accessories and special decorations (such as front pockets, zippers, trouser gussets, stripes)
When you click on each product list, you can learn more about this bag, including:

Detailed product description
Customer reviews
Different color options
Images from all angles
This means you don’t have to worry about how big your bag is, how much you need to spend, or how much it costs per delivery. All relevant details are clearly listed so you can shop with confidence. This is not hide and seek, you should not always look for the most important details you need.

Unbeatable price
Especially when you are buying goods for a large group of people, you certainly don’t want to spend all your money on promotional tools. However, you don’t want it to be of poor quality.
That’s why it is worth finding a supplier who can provide the lowest price guarantee while still exceeding your expectations with a craftsmanship. When you work with us, you never have to wonder if you can find the same canvas tote bag less elsewhere. Our wholesale prices are the lowest, but we will not cut corners or sacrifice excellent quality.
The best part? The more you buy, the more you save! We offer discounts for bulk orders, so go get enough crew!

First-class customer support

Do you have any questions about our bag? Do you want to help design it to make it suitable for your event? Whatever your needs, our professional and experienced support team will help you. Moreover, we are not only free from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 5:00. We provide 24 hours, 24/7 email support, so you will never be left hanging.
Then, once the design is correct, you don’t have to wait a few weeks to receive your product. We will ship it on the same day so that you can receive it as soon as possible. If something is incorrect or you are not completely satisfied, we also offer a money-back guarantee and a hassle-free return policy.
Don’t settle for a supplier who lets you go all out to customize or perfect your bag design. You deserve to be respected and get the products you like.

Excellent customer testimony

Research shows that 84% of people believe in personal advice from family and friends. Before you make a purchase decision, look at the reviews and feedback on each supplier’s website.
If they are worthy of their salt, they will have a dedicated page with comments from satisfied customers. Although you don’t need to read every photo, you can understand the emotions in a quick glance and look at any real photo. This can help you identify whether the supplier has fulfilled the promises and statements on its website.
We are proud of our five-star review page, and we love to show our group of happy customers!

Endless customization options

Some canvas bag suppliers may say that they gave you a blank slate to create your own custom design, but in reality, you only have a few colors, fonts, and graphics to choose from.
We know that your company, event or celebration is as unique as yours. This is why we provide you with the ability to create personalized products with our customized screen printing services.

This three-step process couldn’t be easier.
First, you have to choose the style, color and number of canvas bags you want to customize. Then, you can choose screen printing or digital printing design services. Using screen printing, you can choose up to five colors for a customized design. On the other hand, with digital printing, you can use full-color technology to give your design unlimited colors.
No matter which service you choose, you can get high-quality products under professional supervision. Our skilled designers will work with you every step of the way to create a unique look, which is all you.
Finally, you will complete and pay for your order. It’s really that simple!

Create your own custom canvas tote bag today
There is no one on earth like you. No company is exactly the same as yours.
So why should you waste time turning around on ordinary promotional products that look exactly like other people’s distribution? When you want all the right reasons to stand out, it’s time to invest in custom tote bags and logo designs .
Working with HOTOP means having an expert design team that can make even your most elaborate vision come true. Whether you are buying for a small internal team or a large-scale advertising campaign, we will provide you with services.

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