Biodegradable shopping bags will be the next trend

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T-shirt bag

T-shirt bag is also known as the vest bag. Though there are many kinds of materials can be made into T-shirt bag, but the common only plastic and non woven fabric. The T-shirt bag can be seen everywhere around us, widely used in supermarkets and big shopping malls.

PlasticT-shirt bagsas one of the common plastic bags, which are named after their shape resembling T-shirt. Plastic T-shirt bags are simple to make and have a wide range of uses. They have become indispensable necessities for people in daily life. They provide great convenience for people, but also cause environmental pollution. For this reason, the country has issued a “plastic limit order” and prohibits produce single-sided T-shirt bags with less than 2.5 silks to limit the amount of T-shirt bags.

In order to prevent environmental pollution from affecting the climate, some countries have stopped the use of plastic bags. Therefore, non woven T-shirt bags, also known as eco-friendly bags was born. They have the same shape as plastic bags, but is a degradable environmentally friendly material. Therefore, it is strongly advocated by the country. So now many supermarkets and shopping malls use non woven T-shirt bags.

Non woven T-shirt bagis the same as plastic bag can be customized according to their own requirements, size is divided into three models. And it also can print more exquisite patterns and words.

Now, the demand ofnon woven Baggrowing. In the future, more countries in order to protect the environment and climate to ban the use of plastic bags, advocating the use of non woven bags. Biodegradable materials will welcome the development chance.

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