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Special shaped bagpacking machineis irregular bag type, which is characterized by exquisite packaging and high grade. The special-shaped bag packing machine has very good shelf attraction because of its changeable bag shape. It is a popular packing form in foreign markets. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the special-shaped bag packing machine has gradually become one of the important packing machines in China. The special-shaped bag packaging machine is mainly used for packaging fruit and vegetable drinks, bird’s nest direct drinks, functional drinks, puree, collagen solution and other materials. Special shaped bagpackaging machinehas unique bag shape and exquisite packaging.
Ds-180dsb double outlet profiled self supporting bag packing machine
Main application markets: enzyme, concentrated slurry, oral hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, mixed juice and functional customized small bag packaging related to health drinks.
The shape of the outer bag can realize the customized demand and improve the product highlights.
The equipment adopts the functions of rolling film to make bags, forming with punching knife (improving the appearance of products), compatible with high temperature filling and CIP automatic cleaning support.
It adopts the configuration of international first-line brand to realize servo drive and control. The product features high degree of automation, stable operation, large compatibility ofpackaging materialsand high aesthetics.

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