Do you know the feature of non woven bag?

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Today’s society pursues a low carbon and low pollution lifestyle. Due to the improvement of consumption level, the demand for shopping bags is also increasing day by day. In view of causing a lot of pollution, each country is advocating the use non-woven shopping bags to reduce “white pollution”.
So what are the characteristics of non-woven shopping bags?

1.Non woven bags are more economical

Non wovenshopping bags are also environmentally and friendly. Printing beautiful patterns and advertisements on the bags is lower than the loss rate of plastic bags because of repeated use. Therefore, non woven shopping bags are more cost saving and bring more obvious economic benefits.

2.Non woven bags are more durable

Non woven bagare strong toughness and not easy to wear.
There are a lot of non-woven lamination shopping bags have the characteristics of waterproof, good feel, beautiful appearance in addition to firmness.

3.The non woven bag can make use of the limited area of the bag body to spread the market information of enterprises or products and services to people.

When a customer carries a shopping bag with an advertisement printed on it and walks through the streets, it is no less than making an excellent advertising sign.
A beautiful non woven bag is not just a packaging bag of goods.
Its exquisite appearance is memorable, can be incarnate into a simple and fashionable shoulder bag, become a beautiful street scenery.
In addition, waterproof and non-sticky characteristics will become the first choice for customers to go out. In such anon-woven shopping bag, the logo or advertisement of your company can be printed on it, and the advertising effect it brings is self-evident.

4.Non woven bags have more environmental value

The repeated use of non woven bags greatly reduces the pressure of garbage.
Non woven can advertise the concept of environmental protection, can reflect the image of the enterprise, and the effect of close to the people.
The non woven bag’s potential value is not money can replace.

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