How to prevent non woven bags from cracking in France?

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Many non woven Bag manufacturers will encounter this problem. When we make non woven bags, customers always complain that the edges of the bags are easy to crack, and they open as soon as they are pulled. There are even more exaggerated cases. I did not touch it. The bag is torn. Why does this happen? Under what circumstances is the edge of the bag easily cracked?

The main reasons can be summarized as follows:

1. When the hemming is closed, the back stitch does not fall. In this case, the bag will inevitably burst.

2. When the workers were hemming, the back stitch was not in place, either too low or too high. The needle is too low.

So, what should our environmentally friendly bag manufacturers do to effectively prevent non woven bag edge cracks from happening again?

This can start from the following two aspects:

1.Strengthen training and supervision: Provide regular skills training to workers to ensure that they are proficient in non woven bag making techniques. At the same time, quality supervision during the production process is strengthened to detect and correct problems in a timely manner.

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2. Introduce automated equipment: Consider introducing equipment with a higher degree of automation to produce non woven bags, which can reduce problems caused by human factors.

3. Optimize the process flow: Re-examine and optimize the production process of non woven bags to ensure that the process design is reasonable and reduce links that may cause problems.

4. Choose high-quality materials: Make sure to choose good quality non-woven materials, which will increase the durability of the bag and reduce the risk of splitting.

5. Add inspection links: Add inspection links during the production process and conduct quality inspections on each link to ensure that each bag meets the standards.

6. Strengthen employee awareness: Improve employees' awareness of the importance of product quality, and encourage employees to find problems during the production process and report them in a timely manner.

7. Innovative design: Consider innovating the design of non woven bags, such as adding additional reinforcement designs or using special materials to improve the durability of the bag.

8. Establish a feedback mechanism: Encourage employees to provide suggestions for improvement and establish an effective feedback mechanism so that employees' suggestions and questions can be quickly passed to management.

9. Use appropriate sewing thread: Choose high-strength, wear-resistant sewing thread to ensure that the edges of the bag are sewn firmly.

Regular maintenance of equipment: Ensure that production equipment is in good working condition and perform regular equipment maintenance and inspections.

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