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The pouch is one of the most versatile and influential packaging elements in a series. A well-designed custom pouch can be a good choice, packaged in a typical brand, or as an addition to your shopping pouch or gift box product line. Available in any size, color, material or style, the pouch can be perfect from jewelry, clothing, handbag and more.
When designing a pouch, the options are limitless. A key factor in making it reflect your brand is the material used for thepouch. There are many materials to choose, such as PP Non Woven, cotton, polyester, nylon, velvet,PVC and more. The choice of material not only reflects your brand, but also affects the function of the pouch.
Dimensions and materials
Assuming your brand is a spa or organic beauty lines that deserves a natural and earthy feel, then you might prefer organic cotton materials. Or maybe you want a smallpouchfor sunglasses, and want the small pouch to be used as a polishing cloth at the same time, a microfiber is the method used in this case. Maybe you want a small pouch made of PVC, so it is easy to clean with simple wiping, because it holds your cosmetics. The material you choose is as important as the content it contains. Each material has a different weight and color, which is completely suitable for your brand.
The size of the pouch is another area of customization that needs to be considered, because this factor alone will affect the function of the pouch. A pouch that can perfectly hold and hug the contents inside, letting customers know that its design and function have been well thought out. Not to mention, the perfect size saves money on extra materials while making you feel more suitable for your brand. They can be designed with gussets or other functions to work perfectly for the intended use.
Color and treatment
There are many ways to brand a pouch! The material can be dyed to match the color of the brand Pantone, and the logo can be printed or foil printed in most colors. Other functions and additions are available, such as custom zipper pull, or print ribbon closure. Customized color zipper straps to match a brand’s color are also available.
There are many ways to close the eye pouchs, the most common is the so-called pull-open closure. The drawstring or drawstring closure can be single pull or double pull. Just like the material of a smallpouch, the drawing can use countless materials, including ropes and ribbons of any weave, width, and color. Zippers, snaps and flaps are also popular choices.
The more unique the pouch, the more interesting the design. So, please contact us for more information about mail pouchs. We look forward to creating something unique with you.

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