Rugged waterproof polyester bags for Intensive Use in Singapore

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When you need a reusable bag to carry heavy items or use in harsh environments, our waterproof polyester bags will be your best choice.

Unlike regular plastic bags, our waterproof polyester bags are made from high-density polyester fabric, giving them superior tensile strength. This fabric can withstand severe pull and wear and is not prone to tearing. The internal coating also gives the bag excellent waterproof properties.

This bag can be used to store tools, equipment, or carry necessities during outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. It can bear more than 30kg weight without tearing. Reinforced carrying handles and ropes make them ideal for commercial transport.


Unlike many single-use plastic bags, our waterproof polyester bags are reusable and won't fray or break easily. Each bag is carefully designed and sewn to ensure its tensile strength and durability.

Due to the strong and durable material, a bag like this will provide you with many years of service life. At the same time, its waterproof coating will reliably protect your items from moisture or water damage.

If you need a super strong, ultra-durable bag, our waterproof polyester bags will be your best choice. Its excellent quality will allow you to use it for many years without worry.

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