The canvas tote bags how to help environment

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Can you imagine one hundred billion plastic bags are stuffed into a room?
This is the number ofplastic bagsused by Americans in a year.
Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to deal with it: shopping with reusable canvas tote bags.
Here are three reasons, you should provide your customers with our canvas tote bags instead of paper or plastic!

1.Reusable canvas tote bag reduces damage to wild animals

The damage caused byplastic bagsto the environment is immeasurable.
Birds and sea turtles will eat floating plastic bags as food
Even if plastics are crushed and decomposed by artificial processing, they will eventually enter the digestive system of marine organisms in the form of microplastics. It is not to mention the terrible emissions required to produce a plastic bag.
By providing customers with small reusable handbags, you are eliminating your damage to the world’s marine ecosystem.

2.Canvas bags help reduce garbage

Think about the last time you went to a place with a lot of trash.
What is the most common form?
The fact isplastic bagmost come from restaurant or grocery store.
We get plastic bags from shops or restaurants, and usually they are not recycled.
They will be thrown away or blown away by the wind.
By giving customers reusable canvas tote bags, you can avoid contributing to their garbage problem and reduce the amount of garbage they throw away!

3.You can reuse your packages

As mentioned above, few people bother to recycle their plastic bags.
And the plastic bags are very fragile and cannot be reused.
This is not the case with reusable shopping bags.
If your bag is made of canvas, cotton or other fabrics, you can easily reuse these materials when the bag is too old to be used.

As an extra advantage: they won’t be easily broken
How many times have you gone to the grocery store to buy heavy things, but ended up throwing the things you need on the floor because theplastic bagbroke or fell apart?
For most people, this number is not zero.
Reusable shopping tote bags and other canvas tote bags are made of stronger material than plastic bags, so they will not collapse under the weight you throw at them.

So why do you still want paper or plastic?

In this time, neither you nor your company have any reason to continue using plastic bags.
Reusable canvas tote bags are more environmentally friendly and have better materials, so what are you waiting for?
Contact us to see what branded bagging solutions we can provide for you today!

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