The new choose of fashion and environmntally- Canvas Bag

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Canvas bagis more environmentally friendly, it can be taken from the natural degradation, its durability and firmness are far higher than non-woven bags. The cost performance of canvas bag is still very high.
1. The material of canvas bag is the same as that of cotton bag, both made from natural.
2. Stable and durable.
3. The canvas have better printing and imaging effect beacause its smooth surface.
4. Easy to clean.


Touch the material of thecanvas bagby hand.
From the workmanship, the more fine work of the bag, the more durable and the line is not easy to open.
From the view of fabric, different quality of canvas will be selected in different seasons, especially in winter and summer. Canvas with good quality will be made of corduroy fabric whether inside or outside. Because compare with other material, the corduroy fabric have uniform texture design and exquisite feel.

The canvas used in high-quality canvas bag products is odorless. If it has a bad smell, the bag must be a low-quality product. If there is a natural cloth smell, which is naturally not offensive, and it is also harmful to the human body.

Thecanvas bagshould be test the maximum load-bearing limit for determine its durability and service life. Generally, the load-bearing capacity of the canvas bag is so good that easy to loading dozens of kilograms of products. As a result of the canvas bag can be used repeatedly, convenient to carry , wear-resistant and so on, many young people like to use this beautiful and creative bag for shopping.

Canvas bags are closely related to our lives. People don’t bother to go out with a big backpack in summer, but small pieces such as tissues, cosmetic bags, perfume, etc. are also necessary. At this time a handbag becomes a savior! But leather bags are inevitably heavy, and fashionable canvas bags are the first choice!

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