Vest nonwoven Bag and suit bags

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Vest nonwoven Bag and suit bags are common clothing packaging bags, but they differ in materials, appearance and usage:

Different materials.Vest nonwoven Bag are made of polypropylene non-woven fabric or polyethylene non-woven fabric, which feels soft and lightweight and has good breathability. Suit bags are usually made of polyester or polyester material, which feels harder and less breathable.

Different appearances. Vest nonwoven bags have a simple and plain appearance, usually without diamond pattern or pattern. Suit bags have a more formal appearance, often with diamond fine grid patterns, and some have printed enterprise LOGO. 

Different uses. Vest nonwoven bags are mainly used to pack vests, T-shirts and other lightweight clothing, the feel of which matches the clothing elements. Suit bags are specially used to pack suits or formal wear, the appearance of which is more coordinated with the clothing elements, and the use is also more solemn and dignified. 

Different protection. Vest nonwoven bags generally have ordinary protection ability, are not wear-resistant, and are more prone to pilling or fraying. Suit bags have stronger protection, longer service life, and less pilling or fraying problems.

Different prices. Vest nonwoven bags are more affordable in price, while suit bags are slightly higher.

Accordingly, the materials and appearance used are also more sophisticated.  In summary, although vest nonwoven bags and suit bags are both clothing packaging bags, due to different raw materials, appearance design and usage positioning, their feel, protective performance, price, etc. are different. Consumers can choose different packaging bags according to their actual needs to achieve a higher cost performance. Both types of packaging bags have their own advantages and are worth promoting in certain occasions.


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