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This is the busiest period in the retail industry.
Merchants hope to attract the attention of holiday customers through prominent activities and extraordinary packaging.
However, the situation have some different in this year.

As major brands strive to keep up with the rapid growth of e-commerce, vigorously promote improved packaging performance and adopt more sustainable strategies, the future may face more challenges, but there are also greater opportunities.
Here, we considered the next step in packaging and want to know the upcoming trends.

Accept the digital transformation of sales and purchasing
Most brands are fully prepared for the COVID-19 and its impact on purchases-they already have online business and shopping store.
For others, it would be reasonable to make some changes as soon as possible.
Of course, this will also have an impact on product packaging, because it goes without saying that the interaction between customers and product packaging has less influence on the purchase decision.
In the next few months, packaging will continue to adapt to this shift.
Packaging should look to add value at the time of use. This may mean products need easy to open, or easy to recycle, or be designed for convenient storage or quick disposal.

We also need to think outside the box.

Move away from the simplepackaging bagand really consider the customer’s experience-at this time, this is a key opportunity to differentiate the brand from the competition.
Customized to the target market and users, considering the feeling experience brings to them.

The fashion decoration and creative materials will stay in the minds of consumers for a long time, which will bring countless repeat purchase opportunities, comments, user-generated content on social media…all of this Contribute to the further marketing of the product.

Information is now more important than ever
A compelling brand should be good at communication.
Customers need authenticity and want to establish real connections.
Telling your brand story through product packaging, especially in online transactions, where this is the only actual interaction between the customer and the brand.
Packaging design and quality should reinforce brand value and even evoke emotions, as brands seek to continue to connect with consumers.
The luxurious essence of the product is implied by the metal foil, UV gloss coating or unique special effect finish on thepackaging.

The sustainability of packaging will accelerate the pace

In 2019, a survey found that half of Britons feel guilty about the amout of plastic bag they use, and more than three-quarters (82%) are actively working to reduce the amount of plastic they throw away.
This bodes well for the packaging industry’s efforts to transform to a circular economy and is consistent with the government’s goal of reducing single-use plastics by at least 50% by 2025.
At the same time, the United Kingdom launched the “Plastics Pact” (UK Plastics Pact), bringing together companies in the plastic value chain to jointly reduce plastic waste and create a greener future.
Getting rid of the linear plastic economy—in which we acquire, manufacture, and process plastic—and ensure thatpackagingcan be reused, recycled, and composted is critical.
Consumer confidence means that the industry has an opportunity to make changes.

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