Why “Very peri” is very popular in Britain

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Mastering the fashionable colors of each year in advance is equivalent to mastering the code of fashion.

but can be decomposed by hot alkali. It also has strong ability to resist acid, alkali and ultraviolet rays.Princess Diana has interpreted this color vividly for many times

Pantong PANTONE, an authoritative color research institution, announced the representative color of 2022: Very periVery Peri (PANTONE 17-3938)"Very Peri" is the first new Pantone color number created by jumping out of the preset color card among the popular color numbers in the past dynasties.

Very peritakes violet red as the background color, matches with blue, and finally presents the color of light elegant blue in the romantic purple tone.In fact, the Chinese translation of catharanthus blue is directly related to the plant Changchun vine. The color of petals is the same as that of catharanthus blue. ‍

If Pan Tong didn't give it a new name, we could call it blue purple~

So where do these wonderful color inspirations come from? The editor will give you a brief understanding.

"Very Peri" actually represents a lot of treasures endowed by nature, such as a sunset on a sunny evening, pink orange, blue purple, mixed together, brilliant dream.

On the Portuguese island of Fiar, there are mountains of blue wild hydrangeas.

However, these beauties were exchanged by a devastating volcanic eruption in 1957, when the disaster caused the displacement of tens of millions of residents, which created a fertile acidic land very suitable for the growth of blue wild hydrangea.

This kind of blue purple is more of a tough moral.

When I think of blue and purple, of course, I can't do without the most representative lavender. Lavender flower language has a vision of beauty and romance.

"Very Peri" may hide these meanings and thoughts in color, reminding us that we should cherish and fear everything that nature has given us.

In addition to the inspiration of nature, we can also find the shadow of "Very Peri" in the art field.

In Monet's "Water Lilies" series, he used a large area of blue and purple to create a dream garden that is both dreamy and desirable.In film and television works, blue and purple can also be seen everywhere. It often depicts and sets off people's yearning, struggle and struggle in the pursuit of a better life.

The blue purple seems to mix the blue of melancholy, the red of fierceness, the black of tranquility, and all kinds of emotions together, making everything romantic and hopeful.

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