Why are nonwoven bags so popular in France

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As we all know, nonwoven bag are very popular in southern France, so what is the reason why they are more popular than plastic bags?

With the increasing attention of global consumers to environmental protection and sustainability, French consumers are also gradually paying attention to using eco-friendly bags to reduce environmental pollution.

As an environmentally friendly, practical, and economical bag, non-woven fabric bags will naturally be favored by consumers.

The French people attach great importance to environmental issues, and as an environmentally friendly bag,non-woven fabric bags can be reused to reduce plastic pollution. Therefore,nonwoven bag have been vigorously promoted and popularized in France.

In the increasingly rising wave of environmental protection, the French government has taken a series of measures to restrict the use of plastic bags and encourage the use of environmentally friendly bags. For example, in some cities in France, plastic bags need to be purchased for a fee, while using nonwoven bag can be free or discounted.

Nonwoven bags also have good characteristics, such as good breathability, plasticity, and printability.

They can be customized and printed with various patterns and texts, making them a fashionable and promotional tool in the French market.

Non woven fabric bags can be reused to reduce waste and meet the requirements of sustainable development. In France, sustainable development is a very important concept, and many companies and organizations are committed to promoting sustainable development. Therefore, nonwoven bag have also been widely used in France.


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