Why does denim become a fashion product in San Francisco?

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Denim originated in the western United States and was originally designed for miners. It is extremely popular among workers because of its tough and wear-resistant characteristics.


Now the jeans have become the favorite of the fashion industry.

Through different dyeing methods and designs, they can obtain a new appearance, feel and performance to meet the needs of daily wear.

The characteristics of denim fabric depend on its raw material composition, yarn characteristics, organizational structure, weaving method and other factors. The hand feel of the denim fabric's fitness and texture, soft and stiff, rough and delicate, and elastic and plastic properties are diverse.

Denim produced by pure cotton combed ply yarn has smooth surface, clear grain and smooth handle.


The application of denim is very extensive, among which the application in the clothing field is the most, and it once became the mainstream of pants fabric, which shows that it plays an important role in the clothing field. The indigo denim is more popular all over the world, and everyone knows it. Because of the popular appearance of indigo fuel dyed on cotton denim, it has become a popular dye.The denim fabric is compact and thick, which is very suitable for making men's and women's jeans, denim clothes, denim skirts, etc., and denim can also be used as packaging, home textiles, etc.

Then, what are the specific advantages of denim:

1. Easy to absorb moisture, moisture, sweat, and comfortable to wear

2. The texture is thick, the grain is clear and properly treated, which can prevent wrinkles, shrinks and deformation

3. Indigo is a harmonious color, which can match with all kinds of color tops, and is suitable for all seasons

4. Indigo is a kind of non solid color. The more washed, the lighter, the more beautiful.


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