Why is PU leather very popular in Italy

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Italian leather has long been famous for the following reasons.

Suitable environment, developed animal husbandry, Europe has relatively low temperatures, and cattle and sheep live at high altitudes. The low temperature results in fewer insects such as mosquitoes and flies biting cattle and sheep, resulting in no scars, fewer defects, and high quality on the skin of cattle and sheep. And Italy's developed animal husbandry, fattening farms, feed, and other high-quality guarantees also make the quality of fur higher. Therefore, the cowhide leather produced in Italy is better than that in other parts of the world.

Emphasizing the importance of environmental protection in leather industry has a strong destructive power on the environment. The large amount of chemical raw materials used in the tanning process, as well as the high concentration of organic wastewater and exhaust gas generated in the production process, can have extremely negative impacts on the surrounding environment. Italy attaches great Protecting the ecology is also an important responsibility of every one of us on Earthcommitted to researching the extraction of recyclable resources from waste and high-tech pollution control technologies, enabling the flourishing development of the leather industry to coexist with environmental protection.

Natural leather is composed of naturally uneven fibrous tissue, which feels elastic when touched by hand. When bent down by about 90 degrees from the front, natural wrinkles will appear. Different parts of the leather will be bent separately, resulting in obvious unevenness in the thickness and degree of the creases, and uneven patterns.

Artificial synthetic leather (polyurethane synthetic leather) feels like plastic to the touch, but its resilience is also poor. When bent, the thickness of the creases is similar, and the patterns are clear and uniform.

With these advantages, PU artificial leather quickly became popular and can be seen everywhere in life, such as car interiors,packaging bags, etc,Protecting the ecology is also an important responsibility of every one of us on Home Earth.


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