Why is recycled polyester popular in Europe and America?

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Recycled polyester non-woven fabric, also known as RPET non-woven fabric, is highly environmentally friendly due to its waste reuse compared to ordinary non-woven fabrics. It is highly favored abroad, especially in developed countries in Europe and America. It is also a non-woven fabric that Youyu is currently promoting to everyone. Due to its unique environmental characteristics, it has been greatly welcomed in countries such as Europe and America

Why does Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co.,Ltd attach so much importance toRPET non-woven fabric?

This brings us to the current international environmental situation. For a long time, the problem of plastic waste, especially marine plastic waste, has plagued the world.

Especially after China strictly prohibits the entry of "foreign waste" and strictly controls the import of waste, it has caused a profound transformation in global waste recycling and treatment. Some countries that used to only rely on exports and never actively dispose of waste have become deeply immersed in the "quagmire" of waste, which has attracted widespread attention from the international community.

The advantages of RPET over PET in environmental protection and energy conservation are self-evident. According to research data from Multinational investigation company, refiningRPET from PET can reduce water and electricity usage by 76% and carbon emissions by 71% compared to using traditional native PET. In China,RPET is mainly used for the production of polyester fibers, with a consumption proportion of over 80%. In terms ofRPET production, according to incomplete statistics, China's share in the global market has also reached around 80% in 2023!

There are two main sources of raw materials for RPET.

One is the waste and leftover materials generated during the production and processing process, which are relatively clean and can be directly utilized; Another type is discarded PET packaging, such as PET plastic bottles. This type of raw material often contains pollutants, which must be separated and removed before being recycled.

Since 2019, the world has been discussing carbon neutrality and carbon emission reduction, and the overall environment is good forRPET.RPET has made great progress in the automotive, fast-moving consumer goods, packaging, plastic, and clothing industries, growing steadily with an annual market demand of 6.7%. So how canRPET be distinguished from PET? One of the best methods currently is to prove through authentication. The most widely used among them is through the Global Recycling Standards (GRS).The (GRS) certificate is one of the numerous certifications that Haoxihao possesses.

Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co.,Ltd actively embeds itself into the construction of a circular economy through the use of recycled materials, forming a collective concept, and together promoting miracles to happen, adding a blue color to our beautiful earth.


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