Why is the development of modern screen printing related to Hawaii

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Fort Island, Hawaii, is a famous naval base,During the First World War, American soldiers noticed that the cotton underwear used by European soldiers was light and comfortable, while their own soldiers wore wool (cotton) uniforms and sweated profusely. This kind of cotton T-shirt immediately became a popular item among American soldiers and was called a T-shirt because of its shape. During the Second World War, T-shirts became the standard underwear of the US Army and Navy.

After World War II, T-shirts began to appear in the form of coats. John Wayne, Marlon Brando and James Dean have all dressed like this on national television. The public was surprised at this at first, but in 1955, the society began to accept this kind of dress. The wearing of James Dean in the film Rebel Without A Cause makes T-shirts fashionable.

High end t-shirts often use screen printing technology. The navy's massive purchase of t-shirts has greatly developed screen printing technology. So, why does fabric printing need screen printing technology.

Because screen printing has the following advantages: plate making cost is relatively low, printing is convenient, feasible and flexible. Especially in the era of individuality and striving for perfection, manual screen printing can not be replaced by most machines, especially the special printing process mentioned earlier. Another point is that although screen printing does not reach the precision of digital printing and digital direct spraying for the reduction of complex patterns, the color fastness of screen printing, the adaptability to various fabrics, and the expression of the design sense of various clothes have great advantages.

This technology is also very common in the printing and production of non-woven bags.

Beautiful printing can often enhance the purchase attribute of goods and improve people's purchase intention. It can produce a practical advertising effect. So as to increase sales. We Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co., Ltd , while pursuing environmental protection, are committed to making packaging life more colorful and provide a better and convenient life with accurate and efficient services.

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