Why jute bags are a great alternative to non woven bag or cotton bag

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At Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co,.Ltd, we have been working hard to find new environmentally friendly products to help people stay away from plastic products and instead use naturally reusable products. In addition to non woven Bag and cotton bags, we also provide sustainable jute bags if you are looking for a different product that also protects the environment.

What is jute?

Jute is usually produced from the fibers of plants of the genus Corchorus, when the raw material is in the form of long, shiny threads. These threads are spun into thicker threads, which are used to produce burlap, burlap jute bags, and of course jute jute bags.

Other uses of jute include twine, cord and mats. Jute is a very uniform fiber, which in turn makes it easy to manage. The fiber’s affordability and durability also make it very popular as a substrate in a variety of products.

What are the benefits of jute bags?

When it comes to jute bags, there are so many different benefits that make them most popular in a variety of different businesses.

The jute bags are very strong. The durability of the fibers, combined with the rigidity of the bag production, means that they can carry heavy objects and items of various shapes and sizes. This makes them very suitable for the heavy cargo you provide and need to be protected by a sturdy bag.

Another reason why jute can replace non woven or cotton is its natural appearance. The roughness of the fibers means that they have a “primitive” feel, a very natural feel and appearance. This is more obvious in jute bags than non woven bags or even cotton bags.

The jute bags are also biodegradable. This means that you can safely provide these products to your customers because you are providing them with an environmentally friendly product that they can reuse and dispose of in a safe and sustainable way.

Order jute bags from Zhejiang Hotop Co today

If any of the above reasons attract you, take a closer look at the use of jute bags in your business. See if you can order some today. They can be wholesaled, giving you a more affordable price range, and can be used for many different commercial marketing activities.

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