Why we need Laminated Printing?

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Laminate printing is the process of applying a thin layer of film to strengthen and protect the printed products.
The most common laminated ways are gloss and matte.
Laminates are commonly used for packaging, book covers, brochures, business cards and other printed materials.
Why laminated?
Laminated finishes provide users with many benefits, such as resistance to tearing, more durability, and water resistance.
The presence of laminatesalso allows them to handle them more efficiently and avoid wear and tear in daily practice, such as redness, discoloration, and sunburn.
Matt lamination
Matt lamination brings an elegant and refined finish, which is why it is a common choice for many people.
Compared with glossy lamination, matt lamination have more natural appearance.
Unlike glossy lamination, matt lamination can provide a softer appearance because it can produce less contrast on dark colors.
The texture of the matt laminateis as soft as velvet, allowing multiple users to enjoy a pleasant experience.
Glossy lamination
Glossy lamination is usually a popular choice, and it’s not hard to see why.
Text and photos usually look sharper and clearer, while having more contrast.
Glossy lamination is also a reliable choice because it easily repels dirt, dust and fingerprints.
If the laminate comes into contact with dirt, it is easy to wipe it clean due to its glossy and shiny texture.
What is the cost of laminated?
The cost of laminatingwork depends on the type of laminate used, size and number of bags.
Glossy laminate’s price will cheaper than matt. Cellotouch and Cellogreen are premium choices, but they are still very popular due to the benefits they bring.

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