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Why chose us?

Over the years, Zhejiang Hotop Technology Co,.Ltd have been taking advocating energy conservation and environmental protection and creating win-win value as our mission, taking the production of world-class bags as our mission, taking scientific and technological progress and technological transformation as the driving force, the company keeps innovating bag-making technology, so that the cost of each process section is reduced to the lowest and the quality is more easily controlled.

We have import and export rights.

Maintain close cooperation with customers from Philippines, Russia, Panama, UK, USA, Chile, New Zealand, Italy, France, Singapore, Mexico and other countries.

The annual sales far ahead in the industry and has a higher visibility and good reputation in the society.

The company takes scientific management, the pursuit of excellence, the good faith management as the purpose, and constantly meets the needs of customers.

If you want to do

Three-dimensional bags, clothing bags
Wine bags, cosmetic bags, daily necessities bags, shopping bags
Food bags, advertising bags, gift bags, environmental bags.

You can contact us for consultation
After all, we are working hard to make the product
Selected environment-friendly fabric, strong and durable
The pursuit of good quality, strict control of products
It is our mission and historical responsibility to satisfy our customers

Enhance Awareness Brand

Packing bag
It has the duality of combination of commodity and art
It’s a brand idea
Comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology of product characteristics

Promote product sales

Economic globalization today

In addition to the role of protecting goods
It can increase the added value of products
Promote product sales

Increase the added value of products

The company’s advertisement or Logo is printed on thenon-woven fabric bag
The advertising effect is self-evident
Perfect realization of “small investment, big return.”

We want to do more than just products
But also quality
Honest Service
Practical, good-looking and environmentally friendly
Worthy of your trust
Please contact us as soon as possible

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